Statement on the DKE Edinburgh chapter

CONTENT WARNING: rape, sexual harassment, transphobia

In light of the publication of this article discussing leaked minutes and behaviours of the DKE Edinburgh chapter, FemSoc condemns in the strongest terms the abhorrent misogynistic and transphobic behaviour and statements made by the DKE frat. We hope the university will join us in standing up against sexism and take disciplinary action against students involved in the frat. We plan to take further action on this issue to make sure the Frat cannot continue to operate on this campus. If you would like to get involved or have ideas for action against the fraternity, please come along to our committee meeting this Thursday, 20th Nov, at 6pm in DHT 6.11.

The fact that this type of behaviour is acceptable to a group of students, and that it was even recorded in official minutes, is a clear example of how rampant sexism and misogyny exists in our everyday surroundings, and we must fight it. Please join us in taking sexual assault, rape, and abuse with the utmost seriousness and respect, and make sure you are calling out anyone you know who jokes about it.

The revelations in this article also confirm our long-standing view that the establishment of a frat chapter, or any all-male society in Edinburgh would be representative of misogyny and result in situations making people, particularly women, feel unsafe. We stand for a campus which does not tolerate inequality, hate speech, harrassment, or assault in any form.

We would also like to thank the Student for exposing the fraternity, and strongly support this and future reporting on the issue.

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