Chest Action

Femsoc’s not so new project, Chest Action, seeks to provide a platform for expressing our body positivity and silence the body shaming surrounding our bodies and how we display them.

And how are we going to do this? By photographing our own bodies along with signs, stickers, badges, body paint and slogans!

It is our belief that how much skin you show is in NO WAY proportional to the amount of worth you have. Any person of any gender identity is encouraged participate. Whether you want to bare all, or remain fully clothed (and everything in between) is entirely up to you.

We are aware that certain similar campaigns in the past have endorsed Islamaphobia, and we would like to stress that we DO NOT share or encourage these views, and we will NOT TOLERATE any of those who do.

This project was proposed in response to an article published on a ‘satirical’ magazine based in Edinburgh. An article, “FemSoc bare all in exclusive Flipside interview (see page 3 for pictures)”   published on the 30/09/13, which was later removed and apologised for, got us thinking. This view that feminists disapprove of body and skin in public places is really annoying. So we decided to do something to visually illustrate that we think any amount of skin and/or clothing is absolutely fine, if that’s what you want to do. Have a look at our entries so far, you’re welcome to email with anymore entries which we will put up anonymously. Remember they have to be hip to chest, no other requirements, show and cover what you like, open to anyone of any gender identity.

Post Note: due to a long running situation where the president of Flipside found her way onto our committee we did not publish this action. The person in question has now been recalled and banned from the society, so here we go!

EDIT 09.12.13: Have a look at some submissions which have been emailed to us after we launched this post.bra burners unnamed

Chest Action_DSC0009_DSC0015_DSC0017_DSC0020_DSC0022_DSC0031_DSC0034_DSC0037_DSC0042_DSC0044_DSC0049

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