This blog and why it MATTERS

What’s up feminists? Don’t you love the autumn? It’ll soon be time for scarves and hot tea and evenings wrapped in duvets watching embarrassing TV. In the meantime of course it’s time to get your grrl rage on & make sure your voice gets heard. According to this month’s news, atheist women aren’t taken seriously, the government sucks & ladies feel pressure to grow up too fast. (On the other hand, I mean, no big deal, but women just got the vote in Saudi Arabia this week. Yes!) So welcome to the first ever ever post! I shake you warmly by the hand, etc. Let me begin my formal introduction.



If you’re here, you probs don’t need convincing that gender inequalities still totally exist. Women get paid less. Women are more likely to be raped / sexually harassed. They are also more often victims of domestic abuse. If you are struggling with any of these facts you should go and look at Feminism 101 because I’m sure they have all kinds of useful information.

But, okay, the thing is that there’s more to it even than how women are treated. It’s also to do with how women are perceived. If you are reading this, I swear to you that you will have done/said/even just THOUGHT something misogynistic, regardless of your own gender. Don’t feel bad. You can’t help it. It’s just what happens when you grow up in a world where women are systemically oppressed.

If you’re a girl, maybe you’ve hated another girl irrationally because she’s cool and pretty or gets a lot of attention. (This is also known as girl hate.) If you’re a boy maybe you’ve laughed at another boy for appearing feminine (possibly not even realising that this suggests girl-ness = a bad thing). Maybe you’ve called a girl a slut because of the people she’s been with or the way she dresses. Maybe you’ve shamed other aspects of her appearance like her weight. Maybe you’ve made a joke about rape and maybe you’ve told people to stop being “sensitive” and “too politically correct” if they didn’t laugh.

If you’re in the trans* / queer community, maybe you’ve forgotten that femme ladies / people can be lesbians just as much as butch ladies, or that they can identify as genderqueer too.

Will a blog help? Am I doing anyone a favour by tapping away at my keyboard wrapped in a duvet in my room when I actually should be doing homework or washing dishes? Well, to be honest I don’t know. But I do know that we feminists have a lot of feelings. And we need…

A place to talk about these aforementioned feelings, because they are IMPORTANT, and the world needs to know.

  • A sense of community.  Sisterhood is powerful!
  • A place to CELEBRATE FEMININITY. No-one should ever be shamed for their gender or how they choose to present it! Girliness is awesome and if you don’t agree then you’re just silly.
  • A safe space where we know we won’t be ridiculed.

So! Let’s do this! Write words and things! You don’t need to worry about what people think of you! If your feelings are about Taylor Swift, that’s okay. If your feelings are about rape culture and the kyriarchy, that’s okay too. Do your best not to offend or leave anyone out, and if someone tells you your use of language wasn’t cool or you said something that hurt/triggered them, don’t get worked up. Apologise, try & correct what you did, &  move on with your life.

I’m going to keep writing things, but I do hope some of the rest of you lovely people contribute too! Embrace the grrl revolution!

– Amber Kennedy (dustyloves)

I think there was a generation before us that felt like they needed to act like men to be taken seriously, like they had to use their sexuality to take control of people. I don’t judge people for that. But I don’t want to take all my clothes off and use myself as an object. It’s part of the machine and I don’t think that necessarily pushes us forward as women. I think you can still be girlie and maintain your power… I think the fact that people are associating being girlie with weakness, that needs to be examined. Not me dressing girlie. I don’t think that undermines my power at all. – Zooey Deschanel via NEW YORK MAGAZINE

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One Response to This blog and why it MATTERS

  1. TtotheB says:

    You go grrrrrrrrrl 😉 love it. and yay for the Saudi women. about bloody time xxxxxx

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